I have EXACTLY the same skincare and makeup routine every single day, and have been using the same products and brands forever. NEITHER SKINCARE NOR MAKEUP are my forte, and I am not aspiring to be an expert in any of these fields either. This is just what I use as a normal person, and it's what works for me as far as my knowledge extends. :)

I've always been the type to stick to using one brand once I find something that works for me. ORIGINS is the first brand I bought when I was 15. Honestly, it's that good. (and super affordable!)

I use 4 products in 4 steps: 1. CLEANSER 2. TONER 3.SERUM 4.CREAM

I choose to use cream instead of moisturizer because I have super super dry skin. ORIGINS have products that are a "perfect match" for your specific age group, skin type and "purpose". I use both anti-ageing and hydrating in my products. You can find out what your perfect match is on their website.

After I put on my last step (cream), I let my skin soak in the good stuff (wait at least 10 min) before applying makeup. I don't use foundation, because concealer does the work good enough for me.


MAKEUP: I am a noob when it comes to makeup too. I use three brands in total and fit everything I own in one makeup bag so :D

First concealer:

1. PRO LONGWEAR CONCEALER from MAC in NC35. The coverage is absolutely amazing, and it really does last that long. I apply 1.5 pumps in total for under my eyes, a bit on my cheeks, around the nostrils, tiny bit in the middle of chin and forehead.

2. After, I apply the MINERALIZE CONCEALER from MAC in NC30 under my eyes just to brighten up, and so yes I use two layers of concealer under my eyes. One for coverage, and one as a highlighter. I also put a tiny bit down my nose.


I have tried different brow pencils,  brow gel, but now I have found my favorite and it is the brow stylers from DIOR and ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS. I have both in dark brown, and they are equally good! You can get these at SEPHORA, AND SEPHORA SHIPS INTERNATIONALLY!!


I use literally 1 shade of eye shadow (in ESPRESSO from MAC) that I just apply lightly in my eyelid crease, and then my lashes. The lashes are LASH 48 from MAC. They are actually dark brown, not black. THE SECRET TO MY LASHES is that I use them more than once, (more like around 3 months), before I buy new ones. The "used" look is why they look like that. The first 2-3 times you use them, you obviously apply some coats of mascara to give it more volume. And then I rub a tiny bit of water on them, let them sit overnight (do this 2-3 nights) so they soften up a bit and the strands don't look as fake. Eventually after a few days, they will look more natural!

Remember to store them in the lash box whenever you take them off so they don't get dirty and infect your eyes!! Also I use the lash glue from MAC in BLACK, so it dries up in a black color, not transparent.


I don't contour my cheeks because I like a paler look on my face, but I do use the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kid in Light/Medium for finishing touches. I use the bottom middle shade and apply it with a small contour brush on the both sides of my nose.

Also with a highlighter brush, I apply the top middle white powder on my T-zone. (under eyes, nose, forehead and chin).


I also only use MAC (surprise!) matte lipsticks on my lips in these two shades, TAUPE and WHIRL. Make sure if you want the matte look, don't use lipbalm that's liquidy. Use a stick form.