Who: Alice Wang - Web / IG

What: Stylist and designer

Where: Oslo, Norway

Moving forward to the next Wang. Todays MMS-interview goes to no other then Alice Wang - The Norwegian stylist who is about to take over. With her new website "" she opens her universe as a stylist, designer and a creator. Read todays jetlagged interview here on!

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BEAUTY BEHIND THE GARMENTS - Interview with Frendy Lemorin

Frendy: Where are you originally from? And how was life growing up there?

Alice:  I was born in Yancheng, China. It's a city two hours south of Shanghai. I moved to Toronto, Canada when I was 6 and then New Hampshire, USA a year later.  I barely remember anything from life in China and Canada, so I just say that I grew up in Nashua. I lived there from the age of 7-15, and then moved to Europe (Oslo, Norway) from 15-present. 

Life in Nashua was pretty normal (at least to the onlooker.) Living the whole American dream with a house, dog and a fence in a nice neighborhood. I was the biggest nerd and had perfect grades in school. My personal and private life was a whole different story though.

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